~~ ABOUT US ~~

Raggy Anne is a mother/daughter team. Lynn is a wife for 39 years, a mother of four and a grandmother of seven. She loves to sew, craft and read. Janice is a mom of three and they love to play on Webkinz and go on outings to the park.

Janice: I have my mom to thank for catering to my fickle whims over the years. I vowed never to learn to sew when I was a kid and now I am a mom of 3 and I'm loving my sewing projects. My mom taught me how to sew last year and she now praises my straight seams and creative quilts and bags. I have made raggy tote bags for my two sons and raggy quilts for my daughter and two nieces.

Lynn: My mother taught me how to embroider when I was 8 and how to sew doll clothes by hand when I was 10. So, I have her to thank for starting me on my road to creativity.

Even though Janice is a fairly new sewer, Lynn has over 50 years sewing/crafting experience. (She sells under sewinggrandmalynn on eBay; check out her feedback.) We both love the look of raggy but also enjoy anything crafty.